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Student Innovation Project

A UAT graduation requirement meant to showcase design and implementation of a technology based innovation created by each graduating student. 

S . A . F . E . :
Security Awareness & Fundamentals Education

Program Syllabus



Educational program designed to give beginners an overview on the basics of select subjects.  Introduces students to the fundamentals of recognizing and managing aspects of online safety and security not normally covered by traditional schooling.  Informs students on how to take charge of the vulnerable areas of their digital security.

Upon successful completion of the program, students will have gained a fundamental understanding of the covered subjects without the need of a specialized instructor



Free introductory program on personal online security targeted towards high schools.


Initial stage of project would cover the four subjects of Social Engineering, Password Management, Data Privacy, and Phishing Scams.  Subjects to be covered through the use of presentations and activities.  Instructor notes provided to eliminate need for a specialized instructor.  Website made available with additional resources for independent research of students.


The hope is that the program would be adopted and kept updated by the Department of Education of each state and implemented as required curriculum, adding more subjects over time, all in an effort to better prepare students before they reach adulthood.

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